How do I know you are qualified to coach cheerleading?

Coach Ashley is certified through the USASF Levels 1-4. The USASF is essentially the governing body over cheerleading. There are the ones that make the rules and sanction the competitions. Coach Ashley is also AACCA safety certified and has a Basic Life Support certificate. 

Coach Amber is certified through the USASF Levels 1-2. 

For more information about the USASF please visit: 

What is the time commitment?

Teams practice roughly 4 hours a week, broken into two practices about 2 hours long. Over the summer practices are important, but we understand people take vacations around that time. Other than choreography days, we are pretty relaxed with attendance over the summer. Starting in August, athletes are required to be at all practices. 

All-star Cheer is expensive, do you have a booster club?

We do not have a booster club, but we do have several fundraising opportunities!

My athlete is new to cheerleading, will my athlete fit in?

Absolutely! We start at the very beginning to ensure that every athlete knows how to execute their skills. This ensures that the more experienced athlete gets a refresher and even an athlete brand new to cheer is able to participate!

Will my child make a team?

Yes! Everyone will make a team. Tryouts are just an evaluation to place your athlete at the correct level for their skill set.

What can I expect at tryouts?

At tryouts, there will be a parents meeting while the athletes warm up. Please review the tryout packet and make sure to bring with you an questions you might have. Also, print out the tryout forms and bring them with you. Your athlete will turn them in at the beginning of tryouts.

Athletes will be called up one at a time. They will be asked to execute any jumps for tumbling skills they might have. They will be asked a few questions and then they may leave. 

What happens after tryouts?

After tryouts each athlete will be assigned to a team. That team is the team they will practice with and compete with. Athletes are placed on teams that fits their skill level, but also gives them the best opportunities to succeed. 

You will be emailed and given an information packet based on the team your athlete is on. 

With all the athletes, how do you keep track of who is progressing and who isn't?

This is a comment that I get all the time. Parent says "my athlete was at such and such place and I feel like my child didn't progress or didn't get enough attention". As a parent myself I completely understand. With cheerleading it's kind of easy as a coach to lose track of where an athlete has started and how they have progressed. That's why I have set up a program where I stop and take a minute once or twice a season to record where each athlete was and where they are now. It is my goal to be able to have a parent ask me specifically about their athlete and for me to be able to give you a direct answer on how your child has progressed.

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Amazing staff!! They take the time to give each child one on one attention to help them with technique and they show them exactly what they are doing wrong and the correct way to position so they can land it correctly. I am super impressed with how well they teach. My daughter has never had this training before from any other place. They are encouraging and fun, they never yell or get angry and you can tell they really love the kids. Super professional love love! Would recommend to anyone. - Lisa