After School Program


What we offer

Pick up at Mills and Harvey. Drop offs will also be allowed. Athletes will have between 30-45 minutes Monday- Thursday of Tumbling instruction. When not tumbling, athletes will be engaged in fun games and activities.  Your tuition includes early release camps and early release camps with special activities like our Early Release camp Fall Bash!

Registration is OPEN!!

Registration is open on our app,  or you can email us at 

Current Rates

$50 registration fee. Cost of the program is $65/week, you do not have to pay for weeks that the gym is closed. Payment will be automatic on Mondays. Does include Early Release days. We do require a 2 week notice for dis-enrollment. 25% off sibling discount


3:15- Mills Releases

3:25- Arrive At Harvey

3:45- Parrish YMCA Pick up

4:15- Arrive at Parrish Elite

4:30- MSA Pick up

4:45-Arrive at Parrish Elite

5:00-5:30- Tumble time

5:30-6:00- Open Gym