Intro To Cheer


What is Intro to Cheer?

Intro to Cheer is our very beginner introduction to the very fundamentals of cheerleading. Athletes will learn basics of jumps, stunts, and tumbling in a FUN and safe learning environment.

Class Information

Classes will start February 7, 2020. Class will be held from 6-7 pm on Thursdays. Class will perform at our Showcase on April 22, 2020.

Cost of class $75/month

Why is Allstar over other youth sports?

NEVER BORING! FUN damentas is designed in short modules that keep athletes engaged for those budding individuals who want to experience all that Allstar has to offer and not spend long periods of time focused on just one aspect of the sport.

FUNdamentals incorporates stretching and increased flexibility, stunting, jumping, dance, conditioning and a FUN activity in each class structure.

FUNdamentals teaches character development throughout a series of FUN activities that encourages the growth of each student's life skills.

Weekly FUN activities are sent home that aid in the development of your student athlete and teach valuable life lessons.

FUNdamentals provides a taste of Allstar which allows for a short term commitment to evaluate if All Star is right for your child!

FUN damentals provides a routine learned throughout the session which gives athletes the opportunity to perform in a FUN no pressure atmosphere such as a showcase.

Benefits of All-Star Cheer

Self Confidence

Fine Motor Skills Development

Strength training and development of overall physical condition in a FUN atmosphere

All Star teaches teamwork, cooperation, working towards a common goal, and socialization with other as integral parts of success and learning, while still developing the individual athlete. Many other youth activities focus on the development of the individual without the opportunity for a focus on the sense of team and comradery built within the group.