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Here's how it works:

1. Look over the descriptions of the classes below and the schedule to the left.

2. Be confused- you are really just trying to register your kid for tumbling and have no idea with this all means. Give us a call if you need help!

3. Sit back and enjoy watching your athlete progress.


Price List


All tumbling classes including toddler tumbling

Tumbling Winter Session

$25 due at Registration,
$75 Due Nov 1
$75 Due Dec 1

Registration Fee

This fee is due annually.

$50 / person or family


Tumble 1

This class is for athletes that have mastered basic body positions and have evaluated out of Fundamentals Tumbling. This class will continue to build on Fundamental Skills and add skills such as walkovers. 

Tumble 2

For Athletes that have mastered all of their basic tumbling skills and walkovers. In this class we will add handsprings.

Tumble 3

For athletes that have mastered handsprings and all of their handspring connections. This class introduces tucks. 

(Previously Beginning Tucks)


Tumble 4

This class is for those that have mastered all previous skills and are ready to introduce layouts and basic twisting.


3-4 year olds that are just getting started in their tumbling adventure! Teaches skills at a slower pace with less kids. New skills such as hopping, jumping on 1 foot, and holding weight on their arms.